The History Of Baby Cribs

The History Of Baby CribsCribs are used today for all infants up to the age of about 2 or 3, but it was not always so. The baby back story there for several hundred years.

Before babies had cribs they usually slept with their parents. The rooms were rare until the mid 17th century. At the time, the beds in every room and were also used as sitting, like a sofa bed areas is used today.

The History Of Baby CribsEarly beds were actually housing that either walls or draped fabric to had to keep the bed and its occupants warm at night. As homes become well insulated and better heated room started to become popular.

The first type of beds were used were probably more like cradles. They were usually small autonomous beds that could be right next to the bed of the parent company are placed for easy accessibility. The baby bed was made homemade with the first often from a hollowed-out log. Many cradles were on a frame so that it can oscillate slightly.

The History Of Baby CribsOnce the child outgrew the tiny cradle they often slept in a small bed that could fit under the bed of the parent company for storage during the day. This was the beginning of the roll-away bed and was considered a cot. Weigh were made from many different materials but mostly of wood that could be easily detected. Cradles began to be designed and made by carpenters who also developed other furnishings of the time built.

The nativity scene, as we know, it does not come in general use until the 19th century. The manger was probably designed to take the place of the docking station. As homes became larger there was enough space to a crib that the child could use to sleep for more than a year. Most beds were made of wood and were often made by the man. Cribs were often passed down through many children of the house.

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