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bedroom setIn the House leader, we are selling the best in chamber music ensembles. Buying your bedroom furniture bedroom as a whole is the best way to ensure a coordinated design for your bedroom, reduces all your purchases on a single effective decision making and save money on delivery and cost.


This elegant black and white 6-piece set that includes a 3-bed room of the Queen, a mirror, dresser and nightstand.

bedroom furniture setsThe 3-room has a double bed and profiled floor rails. Here, the point to find for retail sale and the number of constituent unit is XP325Q.

Matching bedside table (SKU #: XP325N) made with equipment running smoothly, handles decorated metal, and to facilitate the role of traditional slides, long-term wear.

Finally, the photo frame mirror comes with an extra comfy (double element SKU # XP325DM) with six drawers that are 60 inches wide. It is here,

What savings?

The Night Stand sold expensive for $ 99, 3 bed room sells for $ 249, and the mirror and chest of drawers for sale for $ 219 for a total of $ 567. The six-room apartment on the other side, sell for $ 519 ! In addition, the purchase of all the elements both in the same package saves shipping costs.


Another element is strongly recommended, Bordeaux-style seven-piece mahogany set of color that includes a queen-bed room 3, dresser, mirror, night tables and two for $ 1,199.90. For an additional $ 50, which can double with a California king bed in a case seen here to be replaced

Drayton Hall three-piece set of queen size bed decorated with poplar veneer and brass wood for this very special paint. It is currently on sale from $ 549.90 to $ 449.90. It can be found here.

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