Italian Baby Furniture

Italian Baby Furnitureintroduction

If the baby furniture for small selection, the safety and comfort of the little should be given the utmost importance. However, if you get furniture that is stylish on these parameters and in addition, it will be the best choice.

Italian Baby Furniture

Why Italian Babymöbel

Even if you will have available in the market several brand baby furniture, nothing goes beyond the Italian baby’s furniture. With a combination of comfort, style and security, the Italian babyshoes are able to adapt to the needs of their parents and offer new designs on a regular basis. Much research goes into these new models, which take into account the requirements on the safety and health of babies.

Italian Baby FurnitureBabymöbel types ofItalian

While there are some well known Italian companies that make baby furniture, Pali, Peg Perego, Picci and Da Vinci are preferred.

Overview Pali

Ermenegildo Pali Pali is the founder of baby furniture. In 1919 he began making furniture in his kitchen. Soon the business grew and production on the commercial scale after the Basispfad to a new location into the life.

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